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School Counseling
Christie Crowe Phone Icon 874-1917

My name is Christie Crowe and I am proud to be the school counselor at Red Bank Elementary School. As you may know, counseling sessions are provided at RBE much like our school nursing program, which is free to all students. RBE provides individual counseling as well as small group counseling. Guidance classes are provided in classrooms on subjects such as Character Education, Career Awareness, Social Skills and more! If you want your child to be included in counseling on a regular basis, please email me at  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me!

What does an elementary school counselor do?

o    provides individual counseling for students

o    provides small group counseling for students

o    consults with teachers and parents

o    Teaches Guidance Lessons

o    assists with crisis intervention

o    504 coordinator

What might a student talk about with an elementary school counselor?

o    a fear or worry

o    feelings about him/herself

o    difficulty getting along with others

o    a school problem

o    a home problem

What might a student do in the elementary school counselor’s office?

o    talk about things that are important to the student

o    learning to understand and identify feelings through games or art

o    learning coping and problem solving skills

o    work on a plan to reach a goal

o    read stories