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Red Bank Elementary Library

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Circulation Policy:

Students have the freedom to checkout books of their choice each library visit. 

K-2 may choose one book.

3-5 may choose two books.

Students are expected to return books each library visit.  If more than three books are out, the student's checkout privileges are suspended until the library books are returned. 

Students with lost or damaged books are expected to trade or pay for their library debt.  Debt is cleared once a semester. 


Library Rules:

All students are expected to...

  • Be responsible,
  • Be respectful,
  • Be ready to learn.

Library Curriculum and Instruction

The library is a school space that allows freedom and independence.  Students choose their own books and their own curriculum-based activity. In our makerstations students will be encouraged to utilize design thinking and the engineering design method. We will also be using the Big6 method for research. 


Literacy Programs:

  • Accelerated Reader (3-5) - Take online quizzes to earn reading points.
  • Reading Eggs (K-5)- Gamify your reading at school and home to  improve literacy. 
  • Read 20 (K-5)- Make your nightly reading family fun.

We recommend documenting reading with an electronic reading log like Biblionasium or with book selfies.  Please use the hash tag #selfiesandshelfies.


Please Volunteer!


We won’t throw you in and expect you to know things immediately! You have time to get your feet wet and find a place where you fit, so you can have fun while you work!

 Crazy-busy life, but you think volunteering is important? You have a place here! Come once a week or once every other week: whatever fits your schedule!

Choose a task that makes you think or one that lets you escape. Tell us your needs, and we’ll find a way to get you plugged in!

Can’t commit to coming in? That’s OK! We have jobs you can complete outside of the library! We’re flexible!! Things like updating Pinterest, writing articles, researching books, and designing flyers can be done in your own home!

Can’t come regularly? We love helpers who only work events like Book Fairs, Read Across America, Career Fair, or Inventory. Just do your thing and you’re done!

Here are SOME areas where we need help:

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook              Help with Book Fair

Bulletin boards & art projects             Write articles

Make copies & laminate                     Research great books

Create posters   Organize stuff

Maintain computers                        Process and prep books