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At Red Bank Elementary, we are not teaching students to solve problems.  Instead, we are teaching students to be problem solvers.  

Through a balance of mathematical exploration, experience, and engagement, students will develop skills and understanding of mathematical concepts that will empower them to be confident and creative builders of their future.  We utilize Essential Elements in our mathematical instruction to insure that students become problem solvers.  These Essential Elements are 1) teaching using a Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract (CPA) approach, 2) using Visualization with all mathematical concepts, such as a model drawing strategy, in order for students to better access solution paths for contextual problems, and 3) engaging students' thinking through the Habits of Mind and Habits of Interaction because Math is Thinking.

Our instruction is based on the TN State Math Standards.

Core Instruction:

Ready Tennessee math curriculum
Spiral Reviews
Number Talks

Math Resources:

Door 24 Plus is a FREE math fluency app that harnesses the power of game design to help develop students' skills in both fact and computational fluency.  It provides targeted practice in the use of basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.  Students login using their iReady login credentials. has some of the best FREE math games available to not only challenge students' mathematical thinking, but also to engage them in developmentally appropriate tasks that will deepen their mathematical fluency.  Kakooma is a great game to use to enhance the practice of both addition and multiplication facts.  

LearnZillion is a wonderful site with elementary appropriate math instruction.  If your stuck and need a little extra tutorial help, then this is a good place to begin.

Model Drawing is a strategy used by students in order to visualize mathematical concepts and solve problems.  It is a way to represent a contextual problem, usually using a rectangular model.  For more information, here are a few links.

     Maths No Problem!

     The Daily Riff

     Math in Focus