Emma Mullins

Welcome to Mrs. Mullins' Musical Makerspace!

Photo of Mrs. Mullins

I am the music teacher at Red Bank Elementary! I teach all the students in the building. I have been teaching for nine years! I am so excited to join the Red Bank family!
When I'm not making music I like to read, make ice cream, and go to the movies. My husband (Mr. Mullins) grew up in the Red Bank area and he's very glad that I'm returning to his home. We both enjoy traveling and eating Mexican food.

In music class I expect all students to be willing to take risks and I encourage them to be their most creative self! I try to create a safe place for students to feel comfortable taking those risks. I don't ask students to be the most talented, or the world's best singer, I simply ask them to try. 


We follow the Redbank rules: be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.

In music we respect instruments and other performers.

In music we are responsible with our materials and our voices.

In music we are safe when we are moving around the room and playing instruments.

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