For Parents

Returning Student On-Line Registration

Getting Started  

To register, visit the Powerschool Parent Portal to enroll a child for the 2022-2023 school year. This is not the same username and password you used for registration last year. If you have never set up a Powerschool Parent Portal, then the access ID you will need is available from the office.

  1. Once you log-in to the Parent Portal,Select the returning student you wish to register (listed along the top).
    1. If one of your students is not listed in the blue bar across the top, you will need to add your additional students under the "Account Preferences" button in the left menu (pictured). This will require an "Access ID" which may be obtained from the office.
      Account Preferences Icon
  2. Select the “Returning Student Registration 2022-2023” icon in the left menu (pictured).
    1. Returning Student Registration Icon
  3. Enter the date of birth for the selected student.
  4. Continue to complete all of the required fields. The forms will not let you submit from the last page unless all required fields are completed. You must be able to click the green Submit button on the last page and proceed to the confirmation page in order for your registration to be complete.
  5. To register additional students, you will need to return to the Powerschool Parent Portal, select the desired student's name within the dark blue menu at the top of the screen, then go back to the “Returning Student Registration 2022-2023” icon in the left menu.

For additional instructions about the Parent Portal, you may click here, or you may contact your child’s school.

What you need to register

Returning students will need to provide two proofs residency: Zoning Information

Residency documents  

  • Lease, Mortgage or Deed and one of the below items:
    • Utility bills  (gas, water, electric) within the last 30-60 days
    • Insurance (home, health, life)
    • Government documents

Shared Residence Documents

  • Homeowner or leaseholder will provide two proofs of the above residency documents
  • Parent/guardian will need to provide:
    • One document showing you no longer live at the previous address.  Examples of a document may be:
      •  Termination of a lease
      •  Final electric, water or gas bill
      •  Change of address from the Post Office.
  • Two different pieces of mail (no junk mail) that has your name with the address of the homeowner/leaseholder within the last 30 – 60 days. Examples of a document may be:
  •  DHS
  •  Government papers
  •  Insurance
  •  Bank statement
  •  Employment

Confirm if your child requires bus transportation at the time of registration.  Please note, transportation is only provided for zoned and magnet schools.  Transportation is not available at this time for Future Ready InstitutesOpen Enrollment Schools or hardship transfers.

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